Basic Paint Prepping

Basic Paint Prepping

I have a confession to make….I am pretty lazy when it comes to prepping my furniture pieces before painting! But, that’s only because my creativity is extremely impatient and I want to start painting RIGHT NOW!!!

That being said, I will ALWAYS do a basic clean and scrub of EVERY piece of furniture before I paint. So here’s what I do…

I’ve just picked up the cutest little bedside tables with an adorable little swag appliqué on each drawer. They looked as though they had been sitting in the garage or under the house for a while so they were pretty dusty. They came from a home with pets too, so there were also a few stray pet hairs to clean up.

First things first, I used Sugar Soap wipes to give them a good clean. The wipes are textured on one side so they’re great for scrubbing off greasy and stubborn grime. The swags on the drawers were a bit tricky though so I used an old toothbrush to scrub out some of the dust and grime. I could have also used an old paint brush.



When I was finished, I rinsed out the Sugar Soap wipe in clean water and re-used it to quickly remove any soap residue. The obvious reason why all my furniture gets a basic prep is to help my paint adhere to my furniture. And besides, who wants all that gross gunk under their fresh new paint….ewww!!! Just make sure your furniture is completely dry before you start painting!

If you don’t have Sugar Soap wipes, you can just use warm water and a little dish soap or you could even use Methylated Spirits

The white paint on my bedside tables was in okay condition, not great, but I’m using it to my advantage as I want to recreate a rustic aged look with my Sweet Pickins Milk Paint. What I don’t want though is the white paint to show through, so after a basic prep, I’ve undercoated these bedsides in the colour Suitcase and I added equal parts of Extra Bond as I didn’t want it to chip and crackle back to the white basecoat.

Next time, I’ll walk you through step by step of knowing when to sand back your pieces of furniture prior to painting and when you need to fully prep with a primer undercoat.


Below – Before I prepped.