Op-shop Friday

I love Friday’s! It’s the day before the weekend and I’m ready to go find that perfect piece of furniture to play with on Saturday and Sunday. I don’t buy things every time, but its the thrill of the search that I love!

Watch my video below to see what lovely items I picked up this week!

#opshopfriday πŸ’•πŸ’›πŸ’•EDIT : Right at the very end I say "it's a perfect Summers Day"….clearly I am high on endorphins from my day of op shopping cause its obviously the middle of Autumn not summer! πŸ€”

Posted by Reloved Relics on Thursday, 10 May 2018


One final thing I get asked time and again, is where do I source my furniture?

And the honest answer is…..the same place you do!!!!

Yep, I find my new treasures to relove on Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Buy Sell Swap pages, Gumtree, Op-shops, Second hand furniture stores, Tip shops & Recycle Centres, Ebay and Etsy, Garage Sales and Flea Markets. But the first place you should always look….Is right in your own home! Dig out that old dusty piece that’s been in your shed for donkey’s years, dust off Grandma’s beloved sewing table or your Great Uncle’s writing bureau. These are the pieces that you should transform first. They have meaning and were once loved by someone special to you. Its your turn to relove them again!