Pure Elegance….eventually!

Pure Elegance….eventually!

Let me tell you about this gorgeous Victorian style reproduction chiffonier I picked up a few months back. 

I was excited…like giggly excited and couldn’t wait to start re-finishing this beauty. I knew right from the get go that I wanted to evoke a coastal country feel, so what better way to do that, than by incorporating a paint colour reminiscent of the ocean with an added country touch of warm mahogany natural wood.

Unfortunately, not everything goes to plan and we had quite the bumpy road to travel before we got to where we are now!

The chiffonier was beautifully crafted but didn’t allow for much wiggle room between the drawers and doors, so prior to painting we sanded them back hoping we’d allowed enough room to accommodate the paint, but sadly it wasn’t enough. And this process was repeated several times!

The chiffonier was also super shiny and no paint was going to stick to that. So after a light sand I applied Fusion Mineral Paint’s Ultra Grip. This is like the glue or foundation for my topcoat. 

After allowing the Ultra Grip to cure overnight, I followed with Fusion’s paint colour called, Laurentien and applied 3 coats. I probably could have done only 2 coats if I had used a light coloured primer, but as the piece was a very dark mahogany colour, 3 coats were needed.

The top was stripped for a contemporary modern feel and sealed with Sweet Pickins Oil Wax.

And this is where I thought I was almost done, but I was so wrong! The drawers were not gliding smoothly, so they were stripped, sanded and repainted. The doors were also sticking and were taking the paint away where it was rubbing on the base. So you guessed it…the doors were removed, the bottom sanded, the doors re-attached, repainted and…then we did it all over again because we STILL hadn’t sanded it back enough!

Then disaster! We had finally managed to get the drawers gliding properly and smoothly. I had set them aside in my workshop out of the way, or so I thought. I came down one morning to find the little container of poly that I’d used on a previous job, had popped its top and spilt all over one of the drawers. And it was hard as a rock. So, once again, I stripped it back, primed it and painted it.

Honestly, I walked away from this piece for several weeks. I’d just had enough!

But I eventually found my mojo again and got cracking. And I’m so glad I persisted with it. It looks sensational and I’m so proud of how this piece turned out. It just needs to find the perfect Queenslander home by the coast!