The Monstrosity!

The Monstrosity!

Earlier this year I finally delivered “The Monstrosity” as its been affectionately known by my client and her family for around 80 years. It came to me literally in pieces and like a jig saw puzzle, Mr Reloved Relics and I have lovingly put it all back together again.

We made a new shelf for the bottom left cupboard and added black wire mesh to the doors and sides. The door and drawer pulls are new.

The entire piece was prepped with Zinsser BIN before being painted with Fusion Mineral Paint in Raw Silk and Laurentien and then sealed with FMP Tough Coat.

The countertop was stripped back to bare timber and sealed with several coats of Sweet Pickins Oil Wax.

I’m so proud of this piece. It took weeks and weeks to finish and I absolutely LOVE how its turned out 💜